Dog Grooming Prices

Dog Grooming Prices

Grooming Prices by Breed

Dog BreedBath, Brushout, Nails, EarsWith Haircut
Airedale Terrier$45 - $50$80 - $100
American Bulldog$40N/A
American Staffordshire Terrier$35N/A
Australian Labradoodle$50$80 - $85
Australian Shepherd$45 - $50$75 - $85
Basset Hound$35 - $40N/A
Bernese Mountain Dog$55 - $65$90 - $110
Bichon Frise$40$65 - $75
Border Collie$40 - $50$70 - $85
Boston Terrier$30N/A
Bulldog$35 - $40N/A
Bullmastiff$45 - $55$65 - $75
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$35 - $40$60 - $75
Cockapoo$40$70 - $80
Cocker Spaniel$40 - $45$70 - $85
Dachsund, Mini Long-Haired$30$60
Dachsund, Short-Haired$30$30
French Bulldog$25N/A
Golden Doodle$55 - $60$85 - $100
Golden Doodle, Mini$40 - $45$70 - $85
Golden Retriever$45 - $50$75 - $90
Great Dane$45 - $50N/A
Havanese$40 - $45$65 - $70
Jack Russell Terrier, Short-Haired$25 - $30N/A
Jack Russell Terrier, Wire-Haired$30$60 - $65
Labradoodle$50 - $55$75 - $95
Labradoodle Mini$40 - $45$70 - $85
Labrador Retriever, American$40 - $45$70 - $80
Lhasa Apso$40$65 - $75
Maltepoo$35 - $40$60 - $65
Maltese$35$60 - $65
Mastiff$45 - $50N/A
Pit Bull$35N/A
Pomeranian$35 - $40$60 - $75
Poodle, Miniature$35 - $40$65 - $70
Poodle, Standard$50$80 - $100
Poodle, Toy$35$60 - $65
Pug$30$60 - $65
Puggle$30$65 - $65
Rhodesian Ridgeback$45N/A
Schnauzer, Miniature$50N/A
Shetland Sheepdog$40 - $45$65 - $80
Shih Tzu$35 - $40$65 - $70
Siberian Husky$50 - $60$75 - $90
Silky Terrier$35$60 - $65
Staffordshire Bull Terrier$35N/A
West Highland White Terrier$35$65 - $70
Wheaten Terrier$45 - $50$75 - $90
Yorkiepoo$35$60 - $65
Yorkshire Terrier$30$60 - $65

Important Grooming Information

If a dog requires extra time or effort beyond what is considered reasonable, there may be an extra charge for special handling.  For example, if a dog would normally take one hour but takes three hours due to fear of the dryer, misbehaving, or other bad behaviors due to inconsistency of regular grooming, we have to take into account lost revenue to the groomer.
It results in happier fur babies, happier groomers, and happier owners!
We are always grateful for each and every one of our clients, y'all!  We thank you greatly for your understanding and respect.  You can always count on The Dogwood Family to give you OUR BEST!
If you have further questions, please click here to check out our FAQ page.

A la Carte Services with Grooming

Blueberry Facial: $10

Anal Gland Expression: $10

Pawicure/Pawssage: $10 - $15

We know the eyes, ears, and tail of your dog gets the most attention.  Please don't underestimate the power of the paws!  First of all, they're super duper cute!  But most importantly, your dog uses them to take care of their family by guarding and strolling the house.  They go on adventures with us, walking, hiking, and jogging by our side.  Their paws become cracked or dry, no different than us.  If you love getting your hands and feet massaged, so does your pup!  Why not treat your furry family member to a Pawicure/Pawssage that can relax them while also promoting better circulation!

De-Shedding: $20 - $25

Pricing may be higher depending on the breed.

De-Matting: $20+

Pricing may be higher depending on the breed.  We will only perform 20 minutes of de-matting due to the potential discomfort and skin irritation your dog may experience.  In the case that de-matting may take longer than our 20 minute maximum, we may suggest that you shave your dog.  Should you want us to do that, the pricing will be raised due to the potential of wear and tear on our equipment.  Please speak with us before bringing in your dog if they have a lot of matting.

Shave: $15 - $25+

This price is in addition to the full groom + haircut price based on your breed.  Pricing may be higher due to the size of your breed and the severity of matting.  Please note that shaving costs more due to taking more time and requiring more work than a regular haircut.

Face, Feet, and Sanitary Trim: $15 - $25+

Please note that a bath is required if getting a face, feet, and sanitary trim.

Nail Grinding: $5

This is in addition to any services performed.  Nail trimming is included in our grooming packages, but grinding takes more time and different equipment.  Some dogs cannot have their nails trimmed due to anxiety, but can tolerate grinding.

A la Carte Services without Grooming

Bottom of Paw Pads Trim: $5

Includes all 4 paws.

Whole Paw Trim (Top and Bottom): $10

Includes all 4 paws.

Nail Trimming: $10 - $15

Includes all 4 paws.

Nail Grinding: $15

Includes all 4 paws.

Ear Cleaning: $10

Includes both ears.

Brushout: $10 - $25+

Pricing depends on the breed and amount of time and work.